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Gain Significant Business Growth with the NLP Sales Training Program in India

Transform Your Sales Performance with NLP Salesperson Training in India. Boost Your Team’s Sales Productivity and Increase Revenue Generation by Generating More Leads and Selling More.

Harness the Power of NLP Tools and Techniques for High Growth Courses in Sales and Marketing

Business Growth with NLP

India is witnessing significant growth and our NLP Training and Coaching Programs will align your business from 180% to 500% in India – Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Chennai, Pune, Chandigarh and many other cities.

You and Your Team will unlock strategies to close deals and growth opportunities using NLP and MARK – Mindset, Action, Repetition, and Knowledge Model.

Sales Training Courses for Sales Professionals

In today’s fast-paced sales organization, mastering sales enablement is key to unlocking success.

From the initial sales call to every sales conversation, improving sales hinges on seizing sales opportunities at every turn.

With instructor-led training, we reprogram sales teams to navigate complex sales environments with finesse, whether in the field or consultative sales.

Sales Coaching for Sales Leaders and Business Strategy Retreat

Effective sales coaching and sales training programs are pivotal in equipping teams to close more sales and overcome common sales objections.

Through a strategic approach to training, we can deliver training that resonates with sales professionals throughout the sales process.

In a global market for business, investing in comprehensive sales coaching and sales training initiatives isn’t just advantageous—it’s essential for staying ahead of the competition.

NLP Limited is among the top business consulting organizations in India, providing sales team training, sales processes, leadership programs, and coaching. 

Sales training empowers teams to excel in their roles, driving results that benefit the entire sales organization.

By embracing sales enablement and honing sales skills, we can elevate performance, seize opportunities, and thrive in today’s dynamic market.

Your teams will coached by Rajiv Sharma, one of India's top sales trainers in India.

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NLP Sales Course is a Necessity for High-Performance Sales Teams.

Consistent and progressive revenue growth is a key indicator of a thriving company. As a healthy business, you need to maintain a positive cash flow and close deals daily. To maintain a consistent stream of funds, your sales managers and representatives should prospect regularly, overcome objections, persistently sell, and exceed business goals.Studies reveal that numerous organizations need sales consultation to attain their desired sales figures. However, you can conquer this challenge by providing your teams with NLP Sales Skills Courses in India.

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Sales Training in India

If you want sales consulting in India, NLP Limited sales programs by Rajiv Sharma (the best corporate sales trainer in India) are considered the best because companies achieve business results. In addition, Rajiv is a sought-after sales trainer ranked among the Global Trainers. NLP offers comprehensive salesperson training programs covering all sales cycle phases, from lead generation and customer engagement to negotiation and deal closure. These programs are designed to provide sales professionals with the necessary knowledge, skills, and tools to excel in their roles.

Whether you're an inside sales representative or a sales manager, successful sales training helps to achieve sales goals and deliver top-notch sales results. Investing in sales management training is equally imperative, as it equips sales managers with the tools needed to effectively lead their teams.

NLP Tools and Technology gives you the Best Sales Training Courses and Sales Coaching Strategies.

A well-rounded sales training session enhances selling skills and helps sales professionals adapt to new sales environments and challenges.
Inbound sales training can be transformative in attracting and converting leads. The crux of successful sales coaching lies in its ability to empower sales reps to consistently meet and exceed sales targets.
NLP programs instill the confidence, essential sales skills, and knowledge needed to navigate the complexities of the modern sales landscape.

Companies partner with NLP Limited to coach their sales leaders and sales representatives to achieve their targets.

Rajiv Sharma Best Sales Trainer in India

Whether through role-playing exercises or interactive sales training content, the aim is to equip sales professionals with the expertise to deliver exceptional sales performance. 

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Consistent and progressive revenue growth is a key indicator of a thriving company. As a healthy business, you must maintain a positive cash flow and close deals daily.-

Sales Management Training Courses

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with your requirements.

Corporate organizations like yours benefit most from NLP sales courses and many other training programs.

Brian Tracy and Rajiv Sharma (Two Best Sales Trainers)

World’s Best Sales Trainers and Speakers – Brian Tracy and Rajiv Sharma.

NLP Sales Coaching Sessions wield remarkable power in uncovering opportunities and crafting strategies for success.

By taking the NLP Sales Course, your company can enhance customer loyalty using the Relationship Matrix, thus enabling you to meet your financial targets. In addition, your team members will receive sales coaching from Rajiv Sharma, a top-tier sales trainer in India.

The selling strategies and methods imparted by Rajiv will enable your personnel to become your customers’ most reliable partners, thereby resulting in a remarkable expansion in your enterprise. Furthermore, your sales leaders and field representatives will learn the key sales skills necessary for outstanding performance.

You need specific sales skills to succeed these days:

Rapport Building Sales Skills

Prospecting Sales Skills

Objection Handling Sales Skills

Closing Sales Skills

Click on the link below to check all 24 sales skills you need:

NLP Limited Sales Call Planning Tool

Rajiv and his team of specialists thoroughly research your industry and company to comprehend the performance Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Subsequently, based on the analysis, we create cutting-edge training material for your sales managers and teams in India and the Middle East, which will maximize your business performance.

The effectiveness of our programs is predicated on our approach to design and delivery. NLP trainers implement Neuro Linguistic Programming tools and techniques to deliver impactful training sessions that enable your teams to attain your business objectives. Schedule an initial consultation for Sales Courses and Training Programs in India and South Asia.

NLP Limited Gets Sales Success

NLP sales courses and training programs in India aid you and your team in reprogramming their subconscious minds through role plays, re-framing, and simulated exercises, enabling participants to gain a greater awareness of how they should engage with potential customers. The benefits of attending sales courses and training programs conducted by Rajiv Sharma will assist your teams in achieving sales mastery. You will surpass your expectations and be astonished by your sales performance. Our NLP programs are highly regarded worldwide as popular sales courses.

One of the key advantages of attending NLP Limited sales management training in India is that your sales team can close more deals successfully.

In today’s era, where customers are more informed and aware, outdated sales techniques no longer yield favorable outcomes.

NLP Sales courses and training programs equip a great sales force with an understanding of the buyer’s psyche and enable them to align using NLP techniques, proposing appealing and acceptable solutions to clients.

This approach, in turn, fosters confidence in the salesperson, resulting in the ability to close more deals and generate higher revenue.

Numerous companies believe that salespeople can acquire selling techniques and processes from online sources such as Google and YouTube. However, what sets you apart from your competitors is the ability to provide tailored solutions that cannot be found online. Our NLP strategies and sales methodology, curated by the Sales Guru, Rajiv Sharma, are specifically designed for your business and sales team.

NLP Limited specializes in selling training for corporate sales teams, presenting holistic training and sales coaching services. Our sales skills programs offered are meticulously designed for impactful sales training and sales coaching.

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Our sales marketing courses in India are designed to provide your sales managers with comprehensive training to respond to client objections confidently and promptly. Through NLP, we eliminate public speaking fear and equip the salesman with a conversational approach to sales. Unlike a scripted approach that requires memorization, we train and reprogram sales executives to engage in relevant conversations with clients. Our workshops in India and South Asia help sales teams confidently handle various situations and client objections. As a result, sales reps are empowered to probe with the right questions at the right time, leading to better sales outcomes. Contact us for top-notch sales and training courses in India.


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Do you want a practical course in sales and marketing in India? 

We understand that selling is a high-pressure job, with the need to prospect new clients continuously, meet sales targets, handle objections, and stay motivated even in the face of rejection. At NLP Limited, we provide sales training programs that help your teams stay motivated and more effective in strategic account management.

With our training, your salespeople will learn valuable techniques for managing high-pressure situations, reducing employee turnover, and efficiently achieving their sales quotas.

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Join our NLP sales and training online courses in India to equip yourself and your team with the essential sales skills to build trust and credibility and drive business growth. Our program covers presentation skills, strategic account management, lead generation, objection handling, and closing deals. In addition, sales managers will learn effective meeting strategies to achieve targets and motivate their teams.

With our program, you can reduce employee turnover and increase job satisfaction by helping your sales team achieve their sales goals. Even experienced sales professionals and senior participants will benefit from our NLP program and see a boost in sales performance. So grow your sales career and get promoted with an Advanced NLP Sales workshop designed for highly successful sales professionals. 

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Our NLP sales training courses, led by renowned sales trainer in India, Rajiv Sharma, have proven to be a game-changer for over 500 global companies and South Asia. Our courses are tailored to help your team achieve both short-term and long-term sales goals and elevate your business to the next level. As a result, our clients have reported significant growth in revenue and sales performance after completing our NLP training.

Our courses cover a range of sales techniques and methodologies, including action selling, social selling, rain group, Richardson sales performance, and more. By enrolling in our NLP sales training courses, you’ll gain valuable insights and skills to help you and your team close more deals and achieve higher sales targets.

Corporate Sales Training Programs

Your Business is the Focus of Our Sales Skills Programs in India Delhi, Bengaluru, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai, and Pune (India)

Enhancing the skills of your Sales Representatives and Managers is crucial for achieving success in a competitive business environment.

Outperform your competitors by training your sales team on NLP Elite Sales and Strategy Workshop.

Our NLP Sales Training courses in India offer a comprehensive and practical training program that includes workshops on cold calling techniques and other essential sales skills. Our award-winning trainer, Rajiv Sharma, provides coaching to improve the sales abilities of your representatives and close more deals.

Upon completion of the NLP onsite salesperson training program, participants will be equipped with the following capabilities:

NLP Limited Best Customer Experience Training

Contact us with your requirements.

Building Wealth with NLP

B2B Sales Training Company in India

How Can Your Business Benefit from NLP Sales Training Courses in India?

When selecting the top global b2b sales training program in India, you equip your new sales executives with the ability to influence customer behavior and enhance business outcomes. Therefore, it’s essential to consider your business objectives while selecting a company to train your sales team. NLP programs are highly effective in boosting sales growth and we specialize in b2b software sales, b2b enterprise sales, etc.

As your teams implement the NLP b2b Sales Training tools and techniques, you’ll observe:

NLP Sales and Business Program

Because every industry, market, and organization is unique, we at NLP believe that off-the-shelf sales and training programs don't get you the results you want because every organization and its clients is unique.

Contact us for B2B sales and training requirements.

Types of Sales Courses

B2C Sales Courses

B2B Sales Courses

B2G Sales Courses

C2C Sales Courses

C2B Sales Courses

C2G Sales Courses

G2B Sales Courses

G2C Sales Courses

Why are NLP Sales Training Programs so popular?

Our NLP sales training in India is based on three core principles to ensure a practical and engaging learning experience that sticks with participants long after the program. First, our training is designed to be up-to-date with the latest market trends and highly practical, using a project management approach with lots of roleplaying, market drills, skills training, and customer acquisition strategies. We also focus on objection handling so that participants learn to close deals faster and more confidently.

Research and Innovation

We at NLP thoroughly research your industry’s best practices, analyze your business environment, and understand the sales team’s challenges, your company’s unique needs, and desired metrics.

Our team also evaluates your past performance, current situation, and future innovations to design customized case studies for your organization.

By utilizing these tailored case studies, your sales teams will receive comprehensive training in key sales executive skills, significantly improving your sales representative’s abilities.

Email for salesperson training:

Design and Methodology

At NLP, our sales training curriculum is tailored to the specific needs of participants, industry, and market trends. We focus on creating lasting change by ingraining key concepts and skills into the subconscious mind. Our three-phase approach to sales training is designed to ensure your team succeeds in sales.

Phase 1: Pre-workshop coaching sessions are conducted through videos to help develop the fundamental skills needed for sales excellence. All our sales courses come with pre-workshop videos.

Phase 2: In this phase, our trainers coach participants to build advanced skills for sales executives, influence and transform their thinking, and help them develop their sales plans. Our 4-day program includes two coaches, two moderators, and eight role-play sessions.

Phase 3: Our post-workshop phase lasts 21 to 90 days, depending on your contract with NLP Limited. We work with your team to ensure that the sales representative’s skills improve significantly, leading to increased sales.

Our sales readiness group provides ongoing support, and our NLP sales coaches help your sales professionals find the answers to every situation and customer pain point they may encounter.

The practical nature of our sales courses is highly result-oriented. Additionally, we offer online sales training programs and the necessary support during this phase.

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Coach and Transform The Sales Process

Experience a life-changing intervention with Coach Rajiv Sharma, the Best Sales Trainer in India.

Our NLP sales training sessions are fully interactive and instructor-led and cover all aspects of sales with practical drills, real-life roleplays, and storytelling.

With our program, your sales teams will develop essential skills for sales executives and managers to stay ahead of the competition.

Our professional sales courses are designed to change the behavior of the sales force and managers, empowering them with practical training that can be applied immediately to achieve results.

We ensure everyone becomes negotiation experts, whether fresh hires, trained professionals, or experienced veterans.

Our value-based sales training sessions are highly in demand, so applying in advance is recommended.

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Empower and Inspire

At NLP, we provide hands-on training that allows participants to learn and apply new concepts through real-world scenarios. For example, our sales training workshops focus on developing key skills such as active listening and crafting compelling sales pitches for each stage of the sales process.

In addition, we specialize in consultative selling programs that empower sales professionals to understand their mistakes, build confidence, and master key account management techniques to drive sales results.

Our interactive training sessions encourage peer-to-peer debates and discussions about industry trends, enabling participants to gain a broader perspective and better prepare customer solutions.

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Many companies in India, when they want to increase their ROI sustainably, turn to Rajiv Sharma, the best sales trainer. NLP in-plant sales training programs are the perfect investment to develop skills for sales executives. From developing overall sales strategies and negotiation skills to mastering presentations, your sales team will work towards boosting cash inflow and maximizing revenue and profits. While online materials can prepare people for the basics, NLP’s hands-on training program goes beyond expectations to help you achieve business targets. NLP training concepts are used by top sales trainers, such as Anthony Cole Training Group, Sandler, Richardson Sales Performance, and many others. Apply now to experience the NLP difference!

Mindset Transformation

Prospecting Skills

Rapport Building and Mirroring

Powerful Sales Behaviour

Focused Observation and Listening

Consultative Selling Approach

Perspective Taking and Connecting the Dots

MARK Model for Sales Productivity

Renowned speaker and author Brian Tracy highly endorses and recommends Rajiv Sharma as the best sales trainer in India. In the video below, Brian shares his thoughts on Rajiv Sharma’s exceptional skills and expertise.

Connect with us on social media to stay updated on the latest insights and industry news.

Contact for salesperson training.

Corporate Sales Programs for All Levels

Levels of Sales Training Programs

Our sales training program in India is guaranteed to multiply your top-line manifolds as your sales team applies the tools and techniques covered. Our training programs develop consultative selling skills that are par excellence in retail.

Our clients have achieved their desired business results and rated our programs as the ‘Best Sales Training’. Fortune 500 companies have highly rated our sales training programs for delivering results. Your company will also develop the necessary management skills for sales executives.

Boost your inside sales performance with NLP’s Effective Salesperson Training program. In the highly competitive business world, there’s little room for error, and every interaction with potential customers counts. That’s why millions of salespeople and managers around the globe are turning to Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) techniques to gain a competitive edge.
Our program offers a range of high-impact sales skill sets tailored to different roles, including Salesmen, Sales Managers, Sales Coaches, and Sales Directors. In addition, participants will learn about various sales approaches and how to close deals effectively, increasing revenue and driving business growth.
Don’t settle for mediocre sales results. Instead, choose NLP’s corporate training programs and take your team’s performance to the next level.


Are you searching for sales and training programs to grow your company business?

Look no further than NLP Sales Training!

Our sales courses are designed to help you win with every buyer, every time. Whether you are a sales executive or a sales manager, we have a program for you that is tailored to your industry and your specific needs.
Our proven techniques and tools have helped countless businesses achieve their sales targets, and we are confident that we can help you too.
So, let us help you build the skills you need to succeed in sales and drive business growth in your sector.

The industries and salesperson training we provide are for:

Watch Video Case Study for Largest Bank of Africa

Under the guidance of a sales coach and the best sales trainer in India- Rajiv Sharma, our corporate training program focuses on sales leadership, fostering sales excellence, and honing skills training to drive robust sales growth through a tested comprehensive sales management process.

Rajiv Sharma - Sales Trainer and Business Coach

Email us at for sales and training courses.

At NLP Limited, we understand that every industry, market, and company is unique, which is why we don’t offer off-the-shelf salesmanship course. We believe that customized training programs are more effective and compelling for your sales team’s success.

NLP offers best corporate sales training in Mumbai with years of experience in sales success and service training for sales people with huge sales performance improvement, also one of the best sales training companies in India and Dubai. You will elevate your sales and marketing leadership training levels with NLP Limited as the best corporate sales training solutions company that identifies sales training needs and empowers your sales development. You will empower your sales team with the best corporate sales training programs, including AI training modules for salesmanship and the world of sales.

In conclusion, NLP best sales training program encompasses various types of sales training, addresses sales reps' and managers' needs, and ultimately delivers sales targets. 
As part of the sales journey, investing in top sales training is beneficial and essential for driving success in today's dynamic market.

Frequently Asked Questions Sales Training in India - Delhi, Bengaluru, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai, and Pune (India)​

Research organizations have shown that Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) salesperson training courses are the best option as they help you develop a sales mindset, language, and behavior to sales acumen.

Based on your level of experience and requirements, there are different types of sales training courses available in India:

  1. Salesperson Training for Beginners: If you have 2-3 years of experience but have yet to attend any formal training on sales, this course is highly recommended as it builds a strong foundation.

  2. Advanced Salesperson Training: Experienced professionals who need to learn advanced sales techniques like mind reading, blocking objections, and closing deals faster should opt for this course.

  3. B2B Key Account Management: This B2B salesperson course is designed for professionals who sell to businesses and handle corporate accounts. You’ll learn to close multi-million dollar deals using Neuro Linguistic Programming techniques.

  4. Sales Management Programs: Sales managers can benefit from this program as it teaches territory management, leading sales teams, execution planning, and achieving targets.

  5. Sales Leadership: This program is ideal for sales directors, product managers, and unit heads. You’ll learn to design sales strategies for the years to come, establish competitive advantages, and create unique selling propositions.

At NLP Limited, we understand that off-the-shelf programs may not be effective enough for your specific industry, market, and company. Therefore, we offer customized sales training programs tailored to your industry and specific requirements. Contact us today to request a meeting and learn more.

Getting hired in India or anywhere else in the world requires hard work and strategic planning. Registering on job portals, attending networking events, and showcasing your skills on LinkedIn are all crucial steps. But it all starts with learning how to sell yourself during an interview.

By attending a Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) based sales course, you can learn how to think differently, re-frame questions, and use influential language to present yourself professionally and confidently in an interview.

With NLP techniques, you can create instant rapport with your interviewer and stand out as the preferred candidate. Also attend a salesperson training for better understanding.

At NLP Limited, we offer coaching and training to help you build your skills and sell yourself effectively during interviews. Contact us at to learn more

The cost to train a salesperson may vary from Rs. 15,000 to Rs. 80,000 depending on the program level and the number of days, virtual, classroom or customized for corporate. 

The cost of sales training can differ depending on the level of program:

  • Beginners’ Sales Course: To train a salesperson at the beginner level or with 2 to 3 years of experience, you expect Rs 15,000 to Rs 30,000. 
  • Advanced Sales Course: To learn advanced skills, like mind reading and blocking objections to closing sales faster, you expect to pay from Rs 25,000 to Rs 80,000.
  • B2B Key Account Management: B2B programs are highly customized to your organization and your products and services and cost from $5000 to Rs. 1.5 Lac to 5 Lac for the group of people. 
  • Sales Management Programs: Sales Manager courses range from Rs. 2 Lac to Rs. 6 Lac  depending on the modules you want to cover. 
  • Sales Leadership: This course is on sales strategies, overcoming the competition, and establishing competitive advantages, costing from Rs 3 Lac to  Rs 8 Lac for the sales batch.  

It also depends on your industry and your marketplace. The first step is to shortlist the company, the level of the trainer, and the sales approach (like NLP – Neuro Linguistic Programming Approach) you want to use and then shortlist the companies you want to work with. 

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) based Sales courses are in demand in India and worldwide. There are many NLP courses you can select depending on your objectives and needs: 

  • Foundation Sales Courses for new hires and less experienced sales staff.
  • Advanced Sales Training for experienced sales staff responsible for closing large deals. 
  • B2B – Key Account Management for acquiring and managing large corporate accounts.
  • Sales Management Program for sales managers who lead teams. 

The approach that is superior and shared across all these training courses is Neuro Linguistic Programming, which trains you in understanding the consumer’s mind and aligning your selling style to match the client’s buying behavior.

This approach empowers you to sell more and sell faster. 

You can start salesperson training by self-studying, reading online material, watching YouTube videos, and listening to some top salespeople.

Observe how salespeople sell when you go shopping and how they treat their customers. Then, you can pick good things that you will practice and ignore something that’s not in good taste.

The next step is to conduct your SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) Analysis and pick a program to help you rise in your sales career.

NLP trains the subconscious mind on Modelling. As a result, you improve your skills and effectiveness significantly by modeling the attributes of great sales professionals.

Sales training program duration varies depending on the level of the program:

♦ Beginner’s Sales program runs for 5 days, and after the sales workshop, there is a 90-day on-the-job project to ensure that Neuro Linguistic Programming techniques and sales concepts are practiced.

♦ Advanced Sales course runs for 3 days, and after the sales workshop, participants complete the 30 days on-the-job project where they practice all the advanced selling skills. 

♦ B2B – Key Account Management program is for 3 days, and after the B2B workshop, participants carry out 30 days corporate sales project where they practice corporate selling skills. 

♦ Sales Management program is for 3 days in which the managers learn sales team management and territory management, and on the last day, they present strategies to meet and exceed their targets.

♦ Corporate Sales Strategy Retreat is for 2 days, where participants formulate the strategy and cascade the plan to execution level steps to meet and exceed targets.

♦ Sales Executive Coaching for department heads and sales directors is a series of 12 to 24 one-hour sessions that helps them create strategies, execute plans, and deal with competition effectively.

To become rich, you need multiple skills, and Selling Skills are one of the top skills on that list. It’s the capability everyone needs to develop so that people say yes to your ideas and proposals.

On your way to becoming rich, there will be difficulties and objections, and you need to cross these barriers, deal with objections, convince others, and carve your way forward. Top salespeople learn and master all these skills during their careers.

Great salespeople, on average, make 10 to 100 times more than average professionals.

Along with selling skills, networking, marketing, content creation, money management, investing, and public relations are other essential skills of wealthy people. Understanding the law is another critical skill you need to protect your wealth and investment.

Here are some sales jobs:  

  • Sales Coach
  • Sales Director 
  • Sales Vice President
  • Sales Trainer
  • Sales Regional Manager 
  • Sales Manager 
  • Enterprise Sales/Account Executive  
  • Sales Engineer 
  • Software Sales Representative
  • Pharmaceutical Sales Representative
  • Real Estate Agents 
  • Medical Device Sales Representative
  • Sales Agents
  • Telemarketer 
  • Retail Salesperson  

People earn according to their skills, capability, and market size. For example, it has been found that some real estate agent makes more than sales managers and directors through commission.  

You may have any qualification to become a salesperson, but you need to groom yourself with the following essentials skills: 

  1. Developing never give up mindset.
  2. Connecting and collaborating with other people. 
  3. Networking and prospecting regularly.
  4. Communicating with emotional intelligence.  
  5. Observing and active listening skills. 
  6. Telling stories with passion. 
  7. Handling objections with care. 
  8. Managing time and discipline. 
  9. Helping others when they are in need. 
  10. Serving clients and getting referrals.   

Yes, you can get a sales job without a degree, and many people have grown in business with top-notch selling skills.

You will have to work very hard and prove your skills and mettle at every step.

In a sales career formal degree has a minimal role, but we still recommend completing a degree because education matters and shapes your personality.

Sales coaching is very different from training. Coaching is the process of conversation where the salesperson, step by step, discovers their potential, realizes the mental blocks, set their goals, and co-creates the approach to achieve and then exceed their targets.

Coaching impacts the salesperson’s subconscious mind and expands their potential. It’s a slow but sure-shot method to develop the salesperson for the long term. 

A skilled sales coach is highly competent in sales/business, skilled in Neuro Linguistic Programming, and is an ICF-certified coach. These three qualifications and qualities are a rare combination of skills.

Sales coaching is becoming very important with the increasing complexities of business. Sales coaching empowers the salespeople and sales manager to:

  • understand the challenges 
  • see the market opportunities
  • create their own solutions 
  • practice and gain mastery 
  • improve the sales process and discovery 
  • see things from clients’ perspectives 
  • overcome client objections 
  • achieve and exceed targets 
  • continuously improve and evolve 
  • manage teams effectively 
  • and much more 


Sales Coaching as a career in highly in demand in Dubai and worldwide.

Sales coaching is very much in demand because it helps you overcome specific business challenges. As a result, you begin to think outside the box and co-create solutions that will work for you.

Sales coaching costs are directly dependent on the skill of the coach. There are 3 levels of coaches:

Level-1 Coach:  A coaching session with a level-1 coach will cost $200 to $300 per hour.

Level-2 Coach: A coaching session will a level-2 coach costs $400 to $800 per hour.

Level-3 Coach: A coaching session will a level-3 coach would be from $500 to $5000 per hour, depending on the number of engagements they agree with you because they are normally signed up with retainership fee.

Level 3 coach is highly experienced in sales & business, a master of Neuro Linguistic Programming, and a Professional Certified Coach from ICF. It’s hard to find someone with these multiple skill sets. Once you find them retain them because they can help you create the roadmap to wealth, wellness, and greatness. 

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Neuro Linguistic Programming Sales Training will Take Your Skills to New Level.

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