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Career and Life Coach in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE 

When the markets are tight, economies are difficult, competition is cutthroat, and you want to excel in the dynamic environment of Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE then you need a coach who can support you in growing in your professional life.

Stop squeezing pennies and create the life you’ve always envisioned.
Design the life you want by spending confidently on what you love and cutting back on what you don’t.

NLP Practitioner Training, Dubai Mall, Burj Khalifa, Dubai, UAE

Rajiv is passionate about helping you discover your passion and pursue it.

He will help you add zeros to your net worth and reduce zeros from your network.

Career Coach for Professionals 

Are you applying for senior management jobs or aiming for a promotion but not getting the results you want? 

Get the professional coaching support you need to gain career clarity and confidence.

As a life coach, Rajiv helps you improve the quality of your life by being your thinking partner and identifying your passions and strengths. 

Rajiv works with global clients to determine how best to build their career or relationship skills that align with their goals and aspirations.

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Best Life Coach in Dubai

Contact the best life coach in Dubai, Rajiv Sharma, today. 

You need career coaching services to move forward on the best career path. 

NLP Corporate Training Company in India by Best Corporate Trainer Rajiv Sharma

Executive Coach for Managers and Leaders 

With a renewed sense of direction and purpose, be supported to create a powerful resumé, cover letters, and a LinkedIn profile that attracts opportunities. Learn how to prepare to ACE your job interviews. You create the life with mentoring and coaching to achieve your goals.

Unlock Your Potential with a Life Coaching Program

Rajiv Sharma is one of the best leadership coaches for your management team. His one-on-one coaching sessions will unlock your potential and empower your with emotional intelligence tools to engage your teams and clients better. 

Rajiv is a business coach and a Professional Certified Coach from the International Coach Federation (ICF). His coaching program will help you get the results you are looking for. Rajiv also provides coach training, and you get ICF-approved certification. 

When you land the job you desire, learn how to manage your career progression effectively.

About Your Coach Rajiv Sharma

Life Coach
Rajiv Sharma is
#11 NLP Thought Leader Worldwide

NLP Career Coach

Rajiv Sharma has been among the Top Global NLP Gurus for the last 5 years. Rajiv makes learning fun and long-lasting. His concepts stick with you for long.

You will be coached by Globally-ranked Rajiv Sharma, an authority in the application of neurolinguistic programming tools and techniques in business and life.

NLP Limited training courses are listed among the top 10 programs by Top NLP Institutes.

Career Coach Rajiv Sharma is ICF Certified

Rajiv Sharma - ICF Certified NLP Coach

Rajiv Sharma is a professionally certified coach from the International Coaching Federation (ICF) with over 4000 hours of executive coaching experience.

He is among the top business coaches in the region. He has helped businesses generate over $50 Billion dollars in the last 4 years.

Business Coach Rajiv Sharma is a Global Business Expert

Rajiv Sharma Best Sales Trainer

Rajiv Sharma is among the Top 20 Business and Sales thought leaders ranked by Best Global Trainers. He is also ranked among top 30 Sales Global Gurus. 

Rajiv has created business models (BM) like Transaction BM, Maybe/May Not Be BM, Repeat BM and Growing Spiral BM.

Life Coach
Rajiv Sharma is the creator of the MARK Model

MARK Model by Rajiv Sharma - Best Corporate Training in India

Rajiv Sharma has created the MARK Model based on over 100 years of research on success literature.

The Model is a framework that trains you to turn your thoughts into actions and then transform those actions into habits. You can acquire more knowledge and can dominate in your chosen domain.

The MARK Model is used by thousands of professionals for coaching, leadership development, and business to grow sales and create exceptional customer experiences.

Life Coach
Rajiv Sharma is a Renowned Author

Make a MARK in LIFE by Rajiv Sharma

Over 100,000 professionals from diverse fields, including business, leadership, and coaching, have wholeheartedly embraced the MARK Model, developed by Rajiv Sharma.

This transformational tool has been proven to be immensely powerful.
Enhance your life with “Make a Mark in Life,” a manual on NLP that offers practical tools and techniques to increase your effectiveness and achieve remarkable success.

This meticulously crafted guide will help you elevate your game and achieve your goals.

Your Coach and his team at NLP have received thousands of endorsements from his clients.

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2,500+ Reviews with an Average
4.9 Rating

The best career coaching services in Dubai with a certified life coach.  Looking for the Best, What Top Coaches Say:


Thinkers 50, #1 Executive Coach and Bestselling Author

Rajiv Sharma gives timeless principles that help both individuals and organizations in their pursuit of excellence.

You’ll discover challenging and compelling insights into the MARK Model. This coaching is your call to action to improve your effectiveness and success in life.


Celebrated Motivational Speaker and Bestselling Author

Rajiv is one of the top professional trainers and speakers in the world today. He has over 30 years of experience in Sales, Corporate Strategy, and Value Chain creation. 

He’s thoroughly qualified and proficient to help you and your people become absolutely excellent, ensuring that your organization is at the top in this very competitive market.


The World's Top Executive Coach, Creator of IL, Bestselling Author

Rajiv Sharma has connected four pillars of effectiveness and success: Mindset, Action, Repetition & Knowledge, and using these tools in life coaching programs, you can create a roadmap to achieve your goals. It provides the key to unlocking your potential and achieving sustained greatness. I strongly recommend this program.

Rajiv Sharma is ranked among Global Sales Trainers. Taking him as a Mentor Coach is the best because he helps you establish Coaching Business.

Rajiv Sharma, Top Business Coach Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Are you seeking professional outplacement support for your employees during times of change?

Change is inevitable. Support your transitioning employees to make a successful career change.

Our Career Success Program provides a unique blend of on-demand online career courses, webinars, self-assessments, and templates to guide professionals in landing their next role. 

Fortnightly Career Coaching calls via Zoom for accountability and career transition coaching support are included.

Empower Your People To Empower Themselves.

Corporate Training Programs

Contact for Coaching Services in Dubai

NLP Limited Best Corporate Training Company

Life Coaching by Rajiv Sharma

You not only learn ICF Core Coaching Competencies but also develop advanced leadership and business skills in this NLP Coach Training Course.

Resource Development includes training formerly called Leadership Development, Emotional Intelligence, Business Development, Essential Skills, and Tools that help you lead effectively in every situation, as covered in this coach certification.

Collaborative Engagement for High Performance

A career coach can help you become the best version of yourself. 

A certified career coach, Rajiv Sharma, an experienced life coach based in Dubai, can help you find the right career path, find a fulfilling career, and achieve your career goals.
With a coaching certification from Coach Transformation Academy and expertise in ICF coaching competencies, this master-certified coach offers coaching sessions encompassing all life and business aspects.
Whether you’re looking to enhance your professional career or create the life you desire, the coach helps you develop a personal brand and navigate the coaching process with a style focused on coaching and leadership. 
The coaching experience provided by this associate certified coach, recognized as a LinkedIn Top Voice, goes beyond traditional career counseling, aiming to take your career to the next level and transform various aspects of your personal and professional life. Discover the best version of yourself through fulfilling career coaching sessions tailored to your unique needs. 
You can formulate a coaching business for executive career coaching, career coaching, and life coaching. 


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