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MARK Model by Rajiv Sharma - Best Corporate Training in India

As you are reading this right now, I know you want to transform. You are not satisfied with where you are and what’s happening around you. Consider this your wake-up call. It’s time to make a decision and choose MARK.
You get step by step process to evolve Growth Mindset, Turn Ideas into Actions, Create Powerful Habits and You create Mastery and Evolve New Knowledge.


Hello There,

You want to grow in your career and create more wealth for yourself and your company. We bring you the finest workshop that has produced billions of dollars for corporations globally.

You will learn from Rajiv Sharma, inventor of The MARK Model, a renowned corporate  trainer who features among Global NLP Gurus and Best Global Sales Trainers.

You will discover:

NLP Limited Google Verified Reviews
1,700+ Reviews with Average 4.9 Rating
Rajiv Sharma Sales Global Guru
Rajiv has trained over 500,000 professionals in 45 countries, and his participants have generated over 58 billion dollars in retail and corporate sales.
Rajiv Sharma Best Sales Trainer
Get Success Models from Rajiv Sharma, listed among the Top Sales Trainers in the World. You will get an edge in your business with his unique Selling Tools and Techniques.

With this program, you’ll embark on a journey of productivity, well-being, creativity, and positivity. The insights you gain will be immensely valuable to you as you will not only find success but also find significance and understand life’s essence.

A Must Attend Program if You Want to Grow

Business Growth with NLP
Grow Your Life, Career and Learn to Build Powerful Relationships.

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MARK Certification Workshop

MARK Model 2 Live Sessions

Live 2 hours sessions on 2 Sundays with Rajiv Sharma, inventor of The MARK Model, Global NLP Guru, Best Sales Trainer, Author of The Book ‘Make a MARK in Life’.

$2400 value

Make a MARK in LIFE by Rajiv Sharma

Make a MARK in Life - PDF Copy

Get soft copy of ‘Make a MARK in Life’  to design and implementation success strategies and transform behavior for excellence.

$20 value

20 Drills to Master MARK Model

You will get 20+ drills to Practice Growth Mindset, Take Actions, Build Habits and Build Knowledge Graph.

$200 value

Connect with Global Professionals

30 Days Private Group Coaching with other Members to Motivate Each Other And Learn From Each Other’s Successes!

$80 value

Blockchain Verified MARK Certification

The participants who complete all assignments and attend all three Zoom Sessions will be awarded Blockchain Certificate and a Badge.

$100 value

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Thinkers 50, #1 Executive Coach and Bestselling Author

Rajiv Sharma gives timeless principles that will help both individuals and organizations in their pursuit of excellence. 

You’ll discover challenging and compelling insights into the MARK Model. It’s your call to action in improving your effectiveness and success in life.


Celebrated Motivational Speaker and Bestselling Author

Brian Tracy

Rajiv is one of the top professional trainers and speakers in the world today. He has over 30 years of experience in Sales, Corporate Strategy and Value Chain creation. 

He’s thoroughly qualified and proficient to help you and your people become absolutely excellent ensuring that your organization is at the top in this very competitive market.

NLP Limited Google Verified Reviews
1,700+ Reviews with Average 4.9 Rating

Don't Make These Mistakes in Life.....


Total Value of “MARK Certification” Workshop and All the Bonuses = $2,800

Special Offer for $200


Reasonable Question. After training thousands of companies and training over 5000,000 professionals from all kinds of industries like real estate, banks, insurance, retail, home improvement services, professional services, and many many more… NLP students have elevated their lives and  have generated over 58 Billion in sales. We don’t just teach these techniques – We live them.

The MARK Certification is for everyone who wants to grow, implement ideas, sell products, or services. Business owners and entrepreneurs can join or nominate their team members to accelerate that success to create a bulletproof business that can thrive in any economy.

You will get world-class coaching from the inventor of MARK Model, Rajiv Sharma himself. Rajiv has used these lessons, strategies, and ideas to help global leaders and multiple unbreakable businesses.
You will get 2 Live Zoom Coaching 2 Hours sessions on Sunday, Make a MARK in Life PDF Book, 21 Practice Drills, Global Professional Group, 5 Recorded MARK Video Sessions, Blockchain Verified Certificate from NLP Limited.

Let’s face it, how many courses are gathering digital dust in your hard drive?
You don’t need another course. You need actionable strategies to produce results in a short period of time.
A live workshop is short enough to commit to and intense enough to make sure you get quick wins and create new sales habits that will transform your career or business.

The truth is, we sell similar programs to companies for $10,000 and above.
Here we have a two-fold objective. First, to grow your career and wealth manifold and then to grow the NLP network. So it’s a win-win situation. We want you to use what we will show you in the MARK Model Certification workshop to get an immediate growth at work and in life…
As you begin to get results, we want you will become an Ambassador of NLP… We want you to feel more confident about your career and your future than you ever have before…
Because… we know that when you start seeing better results, you’ll promote us and become our partner in your area. That’s why we are willing to give you $2,800 in MARK Model Certification for just $200.

No – you can watch our coaching sessions when it suits you. But we recommend watching them on the same day they are unlocked – so you keep pace with the other professionals… and… so you are up to speed for each of the live weekly coaching sessions.
However, you will need to tune in live at a specific time to join the two 2-hour live Coaching Sessions with Rajiv Sharma on Sundays. , AND on 2nd Sunday, you will have the final graduation ceremony.
Details of these live events will be included in your welcome email.

Yes. There’s power in commitment. When you commit and follow-through, you send your subconscious mind a very clear message that growing in life is vital to you. So the psychology of the MARK Model workshop is almost as important as the content. Plus, we want you to get the most out of this. And the only way to do that is to have you show up and complete each video module.

The 2 live coaching sessions allow you to talk directly with Rajiv Sharma to ask him questions and get clarity on the concepts covered on videos… and… to role-play specific scenarios so you can master the techniques required to grow through life. This level of direct feedback from us is a great way to understand the methods and implement them properly to get more sales.

Yes, but only for 7 days from the end of the workshop. You get to keep the action sheets and bonuses as a reminder of everything you learned and implemented throughout the workshop.

Yes. One of the advantages of attending the live class is that you get to interact directly with Rajiv Sharma. So, you can ask your question and get live answers to whatever questions you have and whatever challenges are holding you back.

Video on The Evolution of MARK Model


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