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Neuro Linguistic Programming is The Best Tool for People Development in Business and Life. You learn Different Thinking Models, Linguistic Skills, and Subconscious Mind Programming Techniques to Make it Big and Achieve Legendary Performance.

Benefits of World-Class Corporate Training

NLP Limited is a top-notch certified development and training organization helping large multi-national businesses as well as small- to mid-sized companies.

We offer a full suite of performance-driven training solutions designed to address a wide range of business programs in


Customer Engagement

Team Management and Leadership.

Learn from the multi Award Winning  Service and Training company:

NLP Global Guru Rajiv Sharma

Your trainer and coach, Rajiv Sharma has featured among the Top NLP Global Gurus for the last 4 years.

You will learn from one of the best NLP coach, who has trained over 750,000 professionals  from 62 countries.

Top NLP Logo

 NLP Limited is Globally ranked No. 6 institute by Top NLP Institutes, a research organization for learning and development for companies. 

You receive world-class education that has put NLP Limited on the world map.

NLP Limited - Award Winning Company

Learn from the Award Winning Company for Most Innovative NLP Consultative Services and Training.

You learn innovation and creativity from the program that will empower to be master of your domain and also enable you invent and create something new. 

Rajiv Sharma Best Sales Trainer

Your coach Rajiv is also listed among The Best Global Trainers for Sales.

As Rajiv says, we’re in the business of selling. We sell ourselves, our ideas, our company, our products, and our services.

You will learn various business models that Rajiv coaches his corporate clients.

NLP Limited gets Stevie Awards

NLP Limited programs received a Bronze award in 2022 for Sales and Customer Service because of Neuro Linguistics Programming applications in the field of business.

You get to learn all these award-winning business strategies for increasing your sales and enhancing customer expereinece.

Our innovative training programs have helped thousands of professionals in every industry since 2010.

Sales Management Training Courses

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To thrive in the cut-throat business environment, you need to focus on critical areas and stand out among the companies in your field.

Products and assets can be copied easily but it’s hard to copy attributes of people. Thus, your people are what make you stand out from your competition.

The primary competitive advantage for your company is your people.

NLP tools and techniques are the best for people development.

We Don't Just Train, We Help Reprogram Subconscious Minds transforming
Mindset, Language and Habits.

Our NLP programs are designed to build an attitude toward excellence. Participants develop a mindset that encourages them and organizations to reach the highest levels of achievement and success.

With a focus on continuous improvement, attention to detail, and a commitment to delivering exceptional results, an attitude toward excellence can help you unlock your full potential and achieve your goals.

Participants begin to re-frame their present thoughts towards a growth mindset. As a result, they become more flexible, innovative in their work and daily life approach.

The words we use have a powerful impact on both our own subconscious minds and those around us.

In NLP programs, you’ll master how language and words can shape your thoughts and behaviors and influence the perceptions of others.

From the use of positive affirmations to the impact of negative self-talk, we’ll examine how language can either empower or limit our potential.

By understanding the relationship between language and the subconscious mind, you can learn to harness the power of your words to achieve your goals and positively impact those around you.

A strong performance requires more than talent and hard work – it also involves developing effective habits.

In our programs, you’ll explore the habits high-performing individuals cultivate to succeed in their fields.

From setting clear goals to prioritizing self-care, we’ll cover a range of strategies that can help you boost your own performance and achieve your goals.

Whether you’re a Leader, Business Manager, Entrepreneur, or simply looking to improve your personal performance, these habits can help you unlock your full potential.

Our programs help leaders develop an approach to effectiveness, problem-solving and modelling excellence.

NLP Limited Best Customer Experience Training

No doubt that a well-trained and developed staff will be a valuable asset to the company. Our leadership training will undoubtedly increase the production and efficiency of the teams.

It’s a cliché, but there is plenty of truth in the adage that the greatest asset a company has is its employees. NLP is here to improve your staff performance and skills as well as they can.

Why Training Matters?

Lack of effective scaled training for employee results in failure of the business. We at NLP focus on overall Human Resource Development in helping employees. We develop corporate skills, thinking capacity, self-knowledge, and personal abilities. 

NLP will improve employee’s skills and the company as a whole. We leverage employee’s skills through critical business goals and strategies. 

Besides, the specialised corporate training topics, NLP Limited offers training skills like:

Developing Effective Habits

Mind Workshops

Licensed NLP Courses from The Society of NLP, USA

WHY NLP Limited?

Our leadership training programs build a cohesive team of managers who work to achieve results. Therefore, groups recognize and respect result oriented managers. Our training programs foster team engagement and loyalty. For instance, people begin to perform better and NLP inculcates a feeling of happiness with the mind workshops. Above all, people feel good internally and minimize their dependency on market triggers. You know, happy employees make happy customers.

Building Wealth with NLP

NLP offers one of the best business leadership training

NLP is The Best Tool for Corporate Training Programs to Engage Your People for High Performance. Contact today for details.

NLP offers the best business training content and delivery unmatched in your marketplace. According to your needs, we develop holistic learning and development programs for your operations. 

In addition, we demonstrate ineffective and effective scenarios via in-basket exercises. This will not only show realistic dialogues but also point out coaching moments for better performance.

Call us for the presentation. We will demonstrate “Role of NLP in Business?”.

We work with organizations of all shapes and sizes, at all levels, to achieve business targets and to develop better leaders. The leaders who will have an impact today and build a talent pipeline for the businesses of tomorrow.

NLP Limited Global Partners

NLP - ICF Coaching Programs

The International Coaching Federation is a non-profit organization with largest network of professional coaches.

ICF Coaching Leaders
Richard Bandler NLP Training by Rajiv Sharma

World-Class Corporate Training Content developed by NLP (International) Limited.

Society of NLP Training USA
TOP NLP Institutes

We at NLP bring you top rated global business experts and management consultants. You gain from our exposure to working in different parts of the world, as we help companies develop and execute strategy in over 62 countries.

Ken Blanchard

NLP Limited is partner of The Ken Blanchard for Leadership Programs. We deliver The SLII Experience model for corporate organization.

Ken Blanchard is author of

  • One Minute Manager
  • Everyone’s Coach
  • One Minute Mentoring
  • Helping People Win at Work
  • High Five – Working Together

By virtue of NLP presence in over 80 countries, we have access to sought-after speakers. We provide the Best Keynote Speakers according to the theme and budget of your conference. Invite us for a free strategy presentation.

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NLP Approach to Corporate Training Programs

NLP Limited Gets Sales Success

Many of our finest leadership programs have been created in partnership with our clients. We design programs that equip participants to significantly increase their leadership effectiveness in areas that will provide the most benefit for their teams and organizations.

Above all, our programs will meet your expectations because we study your requirements, analyse the environment and design the content. Our training programs appeal to the intuitive mind and generate long term results.

We execute training through a blended approach. In other words, we combine NLP Tools with your Industry Best Practices. Our NLP Certified Best Corporate Trainers deliver the program to achieve desired results. We have developed hundreds of best-in-class corporate trainers. Our Licensed Faculty has trained millions of managers and leaders worldwide.


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