Drive Your Team Towards Delivering Excellent Customer Service Consistently

Are you looking to build passion for excellent customer service delivery in your team?

Have you been worried that your team is not delivering consistent customer service to your esteemed customers?

Every human being has filters installed in them, some gotten from birth or the environment they grew up in, some by the education they attained, and others by the experience they have received over time. These filters to a great extent determine the mindset of the individual and these “3E’s” as they are called, play a huge impact on how we communicate.

Most wars fought in history can channel their reasons to poor communication and understanding. Even to this present day, many misunderstandings are based on poor communication and this also affects both the social and business world.

Communicating rightly is key to any win-win situation between B2Bs, B2Cs, C2Cs, and C2Bs as the case may be.

Customer service is all about communicating and communicating rightly. This is the distinction between a top-notch customer service team and a crapy customer service team.

Exposing your customer service team to learning the NLP Communication model will not only improve their communication with internal and external customers but also understand how to avoid deleting, distorting, and generalizing.

What Customer Care Training Courses Do?

Great Customer Service Training Courses helps organizations align their products to customer’s needs.

So many organizations feel customer service jobs can be delivered by anybody, some think it’s just having people seating in an office to respond to queries from customers.

As a matter of fact, this is not what customer service or customer service team(s) is all about. Customer service has gone beyond just having a group of people in a location or virtually as it’s beginning to be the case to respond to queries.

Blessing, Head of Customer Retention and Experience team of a renowned blue-chip company in one of the biggest and busiest cities in Nigeria was faced with the challenge of having a less-enthusiastic and customer-centric customer service team. The rate of inconsistent excellent customer service delivery was high, also the percentage at which the customer service staff quit their job was getting worrisome as training of new staff became a monthly cycle and this was incurring expenses for her company. A lot of pressure was on her as the monthly target revenue of her company was not being met and she faced criticism from her management.

However, Blessing decided to take action, She went online to search, she came across NLP Customer Service Certification Program and requested a meeting with us.

Today, her team is one of the best customer service teams in her industry, her team  understood the value they deliver in their jobs and began to apply the training, skills, and techniques they learned, and of course, the company grew its revenue by 40%, and she got a commendation from her management

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Outstanding Customer Service Teams are the fulcrum of any organization. In today’s business world, Customer service teams undeniably play a central or essential role in any activity, event, or situation the organization finds itself. They create a balance between the organization’s offerings and the customer’s needs.

There is a saying, “you cannot give what you do not have”. Customers of this era want it now, they are more purposeful and in search of value before they patronize businesses.

If your customer service team doesn’t have the skills and techniques to understand the psychology of customers which helps in presenting the organization’s offerings in a professional and value-driven manner, communicate effectively and efficiently, and identify opportunities to grab the customer’s loyalty, then it will be challenging for the company to make profit.

How To Drive Your Team Towards Delivering Excellent Customer Service Consistently

If you want your Customers to experience Top-notch service, then Customer Service training with Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) skills is the intervention your customer service team needs.

To stay ahead of your competition, consistency is the name of the game. Your customer service team must deliver consistently. And this starts with a change of  Mindset.

Change of Mindset

Mindset is the beginning of every action we take. Our Mindset determines if we want to be successful or not, if we want to deliver on our goals or not, and so on.

See the source imageThe Mindset of our team needs to be geared towards the vision and goals of the organization. Growth will never be achieved if your team continues to work with the same mindset that they came in with. With the right Mindset, the passion for customer loyalty gets unleashed.

Passion for Customers Loyalty

Customer loyalty is the measure of a customer’s willingness to do repeat business with a company. This is because the customer is satisfied with your product or services, exceptional customer experiences, and the overall value the customer must have received or is receiving from your product or service.

NLP training offers Establishing brand bond skills that will help customer service teams seamlessly build value-added rapport with prospects and active customers. This helps build the brand in the subconscious minds of customers.

Also, post-interactions with customers are a vital approach to remaining in the minds of customers.

Customer Feedback is Priceless

Image result for woman hugging love symbolNaturally, people or organizations despise feedback. Everyone wants to feel correct, however, this can only be temporary. Feedback is Precious to growth. To grow as an individual or organization, feedback needs to be taken and seen as a gift. It requires one who has a growth mindset to see feedbacks as gifts and improvement steps to know what is in the minds of customers and act on them.

Feedback is vital to both our social, marital, and business lives. If your team open-mindedly see feedback as an opportunity to do better,  they will consistently WOW your customers.
Join Blessing and thousands of Customer Service professionals whom we have helped to break the cycle. We are here to help.

Click on the link to schedule a meeting and we will show how your team can benefit from our program.

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