Free Customer Experience Training Program

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Customer Experience is a New Approach to Grow Your Business Significantly.

Enjoy the full Customer Service and Customer Experience CX Video Program.

  1. Building Customer Loyalty with Customer Experience
  2. The Era of The Customer – Customer Experience Strategies
  3. What is Customer Experience or CX? 
  4. Customer Experience Strategy for Customer Loyalty
  5. Components of Customer Experience
  6. Archetypes or Customer Segments
  7. Activities for Mapping CX
  8. Customer Interactions and Principles of CX
  9. Get Ready for a Life-Changing Customer Experience Program 

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Terms and Conditions of the CX Training program:

  • The email with the program details and the workbook will be sent in 24 hours. 
  • The total program is in three parts. Part-1, a series of 9 video sessions and a pdf workbook, are completely free.
  • To obtain internationally recognized NLP CX blockchain verified certification, all three parts are required to be completed.
  • Part 2 (face-to-face workshop) and Part 3 (follow-up coaching sessions) are offered to company-sponsored candidates.
  • NLP Limited reserves the right to admission to the course.


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