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Boost Your Business Performance Considerably with NLP Sales Training and Coaching Program in Dubai, UAE.

Get strategies to win deals, and develop biggest sales opportunities by learning the art and science of sales and business development.

Strong and consistent revenue growth is the key indicator of a thriving enterprise. Organizations cannot function effectively without regular cash inflows.

And to maintain cash flow in the business, your sales executives and sales managers must prospect, sell daily and meet revenue targets. Unfortunately, the trend shows many companies are struggling to meet their sales quota. 

You can avoid this situation trap.

The global companies that organize our NLP Sales Training for their sales representatives and managers achieve higher productivity.

As a result, their sales teams continually bring revenue, meet sales targets and stay ahead of the competition. That’s why our clients value NLP Limited as The Best Sales Training Company in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah UAE, India, and Africa.

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Corporate organizations like yours benefit most from NLP sales courses and many other training programs.

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Rajiv Sharma Best Sales Training
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NLP Sales Training is a Necessity for High Performance.

According to Gallup research, every disengaged employee costs their company $3,400 to $10,000 in salary. So if companies don’t engage their teams, productivity is 33% short.
Our Neuro Linguistic Programming training courses engage sales representatives and sales managers to prospect more and close deals to achieve business targets.
Performance, be it sales or any other area, is a behavior that can be achieved by reprogramming the subconscious mind and empowering people to think differently.
Your sales executives and sales managers will be coached by the best sales trainer – Rajiv Sharma, in Dubai, UAE. The objective of sales courses is to bring revenue consistently instead of treating sales as a single transaction. A great sales team ensures they create powerful relations with the clients for repeated business.

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For result-oriented sales courses and training programs in Dubai, you can count on NLP Limited sales training programs because your people will learn to meet monthly sales targets by constantly prospecting, building rapport, identifying needs, and proposing solutions that customers love. As a result, your salespeople will close deals seamlessly.

NLP Sales Training prepare sales managers and sales executives with Relationship Matrix. Our Sales Courses will Help You Achieve Your Budgets.

Your sales team and sales managers will be trained by Rajiv Sharma – one of the world’s best sales trainers and sales coaches in Dubai.

The tools and techniques Rajiv provides will empower your people to become the most trusted partners to your customers, resulting in exponential growth in your business. Your sales reps and sales managers will learn the Top Sales Skills required for high performance.

Rajiv and his team of experts carefully research your industry and business to understand the performance KPIs. Then, based on the study, we develop the latest training material for your sales teams and sales managers in UAE, Dubai, and the Middle East to help your business make the most out of it.

The success of our programs is centered on design and delivery. NLP trainers deliver the program in an impactful manner using Neuro Linguistic Programming tools and techniques that enable your teams to achieve your business targets. Reach us for an initial meeting for Sales Courses and Training Programs in Dubai, UAE, or the Middle East.

NLP Limited Gets Sales Success

NLP sales courses and training programs in Dubai help your teams reprogram their subconscious mind with role plays and mock drills so that the participants become mindful of how they need to interact with prospective buyers. The advantages of sales courses and training programs offered by Rajiv Sharma are beyond the imagination. He delivers more than expected and amazes people.

One of the significant benefits of NLP Limited sales management training in Dubai is that your sales team will close more deals. It has been seen that most salespeople use obsolete strategies that no longer work in the modern era where the customer is knowledgeable and aware. NLP Sales courses and training programs enable the salesperson to understand the buyer’s psychology and align with them using NLP techniques, offering solutions that clients will like and accept. This approach, in turn, will help close more deals and generate higher revenue.

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Many companies believe that salespeople can learn selling techniques on google and YouTube. However, the difference between you and your competitors is in providing tailor-made solutions which are not found online. We provide NLP Strategies crafted by Rajiv Sharma, Sales Guru, which are helpful for companies and salespeople. All you need to do is contact NLP Limited for business strategy and sales courses and training to achieve the business targets. Undoubtedly you will have the best sales training experience in Dubai, UAE. As the top sales training company in Dubai, UAE, Middle East, NLP Limited not only builds on the best sales practices but also reprograms the subconscious minds of your salespeople.

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The sales management training in Dubai will enable your sales managers to develop in-depth expertise in responding to client objections confidently and on time. We don’t believe in a scripted approach that salespeople must mug up and utter in front of clients. We not only train but reprogram salespeople to engage customers through relevant conversations with clients. Our sales training programs in Dubai, UAE, Middle East help the sales teams to handle situations and clients’ objections quite confidently.

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We all know that selling is a high-pressure job to achieve week-on-week targets, prospect continuously for new clients, and often face objections and rejection. And salespeople have to stay motivated, or clients will notice it. Due to this high-pressure environment, employee turnover is high, especially when they cannot meet their sales quotas.


Our NLP sales training courses will build required sales representative skills and sales managers capability to drive business and achieve targets, conduct effective sales meetings, generate meaningful leads, handle objections, and close deals. When people achieve their goals, they are happy and satisfied in their job and life, which will increase employee retention.


Our NLP sales training courses by Rajiv Sharma has helped over 500 companies decide on long and short-term budgets and take the business to another level. Managers confirm that after the NLP training sales representative skills become the best in the industry.

Your Business is the Focus of Our Sales Training Programs Dubai

Sales Representative Skills and Sales Managers Competencies need to be top-notch to grab orders. You know well that for your business to beat the competition, your sales staff needs to be better than your competitor.  

NLP Sales Training courses provide a rigorous and hands-on training program, and your sales representative skills will grow their ability to close deals coached by Best Sales Trainer – Rajiv Sharma. By the end of NLP sales training in Dubai, participants will be able to –

NLP Limited Best Customer Experience Training

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How Can Your Business Benefit from NLP Sales Training Dubai?

When you pick the best global sales training program in Dubai, you prepare excellent skills for sales executives with the power to influence customer behavior and boost business results. Keep your business objectives in mind while deciding on the company to build your sales team; you will significantly grow your revenue and profits.

As your teams apply NLP Sales Training tools and techniques, you will notice:

In light of the fact that every industry, market, and organization is unique, we at NLP believes that off-the-shelf sales courses and training programs are not that effective.

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What Sets NLP Sales Training Program Apart?

At NLP Limited, we focus on three core principles to confirm that the learning experience is engaging, registers in the subconscious mind, is latest according to the market trends, effective, and practical on the job. NLP Sales courses and training programs are practical with role-plays, market drills, customer acquisition strategies, objection handling and winning deals faster. 

Research and Innovation

We at NLP will research the industry, best practices, and your environment, talk to select people from your team, and understand your business’s needs and the metrics you want to achieve. In addition, we look at the past, current situation, and future innovation. Your teams will be trained on key skills for sales executive and sales representative skills will improve multiple times.

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Design and Methodology

NLP curriculum is designed while keeping participants, industry, and the market in mind. Topics and concepts are designed to get into the subconscious mind; that’s the habit mind. Our sales training programs in Dubai follow a three-phase curriculum focusing on meeting the desired change.

Phase 1: Pre-workshop video coaching sessions will develop basic skills for sales executive. All sales courses come with pre-workshop videos.

Phase 2: In this phase, our trainers meet the participants face to face to build advanced skills for sales executive, influence and transform their thinking.

Phase 3: Post-workshop is 21 to 90 days of behavior change engagement, depending on your contract with NLP Limited. Your team’s sales representative skills will sky rocket your sales. This phases is key for sales courses because sales reps ask questions they face in the field. Our NLP sales coaches help them find the answers for every situation and for every customer. This practical nature of sales courses make NLP Sales Training highly result-oriented.

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Coach and Transform The Selling Process

Coach Rajiv Sharma, Best Global Sales Trainer, meets the participants to deliver a life-changing intervention of the NLP sales training program. The program is fully interactive, using workplace exercises, practical drills, real-life roleplays, and storytelling. Your teams will build the essentials skills for sales executive and sales managers. NLP sales courses are very power for changing the behavior of sales reps and sales managers.

We ensure that salespeople and sales managers are empowered with practical training that can be applied immediately to achieve results. This methodology helps everyone, whether fresh hires, trained professionals, or experienced professionals. NLP Sales executive course in Dubai are highly in demand, thus you need to apply in advance. 

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Empower and Inspire

During the workshop, participants learn from real-world scenarios and apply new concepts learned during the workshop. Your teams will master sales representative skills for each phase of selling.

NLP mind-changing programs allow candidates to understand their mistakes and build confidence and capabilities. We encourage peer debates about the tasks and changes in the field and work to help them understand different viewpoints to prepare better customer solutions.

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Companies engage Rajiv Sharma when they want to increase ROI sustainably, so investing in NLP in-plant sales training programs is the best approach to develop skills for sales executive. From developing sales strategies, and negotiation skills to mastering presentations, your sales team would work to boost the cash inflow, maximizing revenue and profits. Although reading the online material will just prepare people for the basics, the NLP hands-on training program is designed to go beyond the expected and help you achieve business targets.

Mindset Transformation

Prospecting Skills

Rapport Building and Mirroring

Powerful Sales Behaviour

Focused Observation and Listening

Consultative Selling Approach

Perspective Taking and Connecting the Dots

MARK Model for Sales Productivity

Brian Tracy, a renowned author, and speaker endorsed and recommended Rajiv Sharma as the Best Sales & Strategy Trainer. Watch the video below about what he says about Rajiv Sharma.


Programs for All Levels

After the sales training it’s guaranteed that your top line will multiply manifolds as the salespeople apply the tools and techniques covered. Our sales courses and training programs develop consultative selling skills par excellence. Our clients achieve desired business results, and they define our programs as ‘Best Sales Training’. Fortune 500 companies rates us highly for sales training because they results. Your company will build the required skills for sales executive.

If you want to drive sales in your organization, you need NLP Effective Sales Training because, in business, the margin for error is paper thin. Every moment, every person in your team is either making a sale or breaking one.

Millions of salespeople and managers across the world are taking advantage of Neuro Linguistic Programming tools and techniques.

We offer high impact sales programs across different roles like Salesmen, Sales Managers, Sales Coaches and Sales Directors. The programs differ depending on their level in the organisation.


NLP is contributing to business growth in various sectors in addition to coaching people for effectiveness and success. NLP Sales Training gets results, and you meet your targets.  

Sales Training Designed to Win With Every Buyer, Every Time. We have sales executive courses and sales management programs for every industry.

The industries we serve are:

Watch Video Case Study for Largest Bank of Africa

Since your industry, market, and company is different, we at NLP Limited believe that off-the-shelf sales training programs are not that effective and compelling enough.

Please mention your specific requirements or request for a meeting.

We will create a curriculum tailored to your industry, specific to your products and services, so that you have the edge over your competitors.

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