Age Is Not A Barrier To Win!

The Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games produced one of the youngest ever gold medalists Momiji Nishida. Momiji Nishida is a skateboarder and not only is she a skateboarder, but she is also a 13-year-old girl who took the world by storm, to win the gold medal in the women’s skateboarding competition at such a tender age obviously was not a fluke.

Skating on a board is a sport exercised on a shortboard mounted on small wheels that are used for coasting and for performing athletic stunts. These stunts are perceived to be dangerous and can lead to severe injuries if not done professionally and skillfully. Many girls and probably boys of her age would have been timid because of the shallow mindset of “not being of age”, or the rigorous practicing and risk involved which can lead to injuries as the sport poses.  But Momiji Nishida exhibiting courage and braveness embarked on this sport and got rewarded for her actions.

The Olympics is the most celebrated sports event in the world, and it takes a huge “I can win” Mindset, Courage, and Determination to want to showcase one’s talent and skill.

There is a saying that “Age is a question of MIND over Matter, if you don’t MIND, it doesn’t MATTER”
Gone are the days when being successful must come with the permission of age. The world has evolved, and cultural evolution has created a paradigm shift. This understanding is what many young people of this generation fail to understand.

Talent is not enough, this Momiji Nishida understood. Any person willing to achieve success needs to complement their talent following.

Be Hungry To Win (MINDSET)

Momiji Nishida was hungry. She was hungry to be a winner. To be a winner you must aspire and dismiss every mindset of age limitation or any other limitation. Being hungry is the edge you need to surpass your doubts, limitations, and objections

Being hungry builds your eagerness to open doors and corridors that will push your abilities. Not limiting your mindset will spur your skills and competencies. Yes, it’s natural to feel scared at the beginning but, fear is a factor that kills dreams.

Mindset is everything, Mindset is vital for success. Having a growth mindset is based on a strong belief and conviction that you must cultivate your qualities through consciousness, persistence, and well-coordinated efforts. This also encourages increased efforts and leads to exceptional achievements.

Age is a question of MIND over Matter, if you don’t MIND, it doesn’t MATTER

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You Are Not The Only One Dreaming (TAKE ACTION)

Do you remember the first time you walked as a child, obviously you cannot, no one of course, but if you ask your parents, they will tell you how hungry you were to just get on your feet and start walking.

Now, think, what do you think made you walking a success?
Was it the hunger you had as a child to walk or the action you took at that tender age to move?

In the world where 7.8 billion people live, over 3 billion are younger than 25 years, hence making up 42% of the world’s population. Around 1.2 billion of this 42% are between the ages of 10 to 19 years of age. It’s important to know that you are not the only one dreaming about winning in your career, in your business, or in that project as your case may be.

To Win Take Actions is key.jpg
Your desire to win is a great step in the right direction but is not enough. Everyone aspires to win, but only those who take deliberate actions actually WIN. You can have the ideal mindset, ideas, and dreams but if all these are not backed up with purposeful actions, then it will only be an illusion.

Momiji Nishida took action. She had a single-minded stubbornness of a child, and that instinct was a key factor to her success. Rajiv Sharma, a renowned world Guru said “ACTIONS  have the POWER to turn your DREAMS into REALITIES” Your talent needs your actions to help you achieve your potential.

So Don’t just dream, take ACTIONS.

Don’t Get Discouraged, Keep The Dream Alive to win (REPETITION)

Neuro-Linguistic Programming teaches that every resource any human being needs to effect a change in their life is already in them.

Remember the action you took as a baby that led to your first move? Was that the same action that made you walk perfectly? Not of course. You had to take repeated actions that perfected your walking, which metamorphosed into your running.

Irrespective of the limitations, falling, and injuries sustained you still did not give up. You kept REPEATING the same ACTIONS. Repeating actions deepens and internalizes your skill in your subconsciousness, which builds on your knowledge. Winners do not relent in repeating actions that make them masters.

Millions of winners have fallen along the way because they got either discouraged by competition, faced challenges, or even felt they were much younger and decided to quit.
Momiji Nishida faced these same challenges but she did not give up. She said, “Injuries make me want to go harder,”.

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The blossom tree of success comes with its deep roots of pain, endurance, failures, and perseverance.
No winning formula is perfect at one go, constant repetition brings mastery to your skill.

Enjoy What You Do.

What do you enjoy doing? Momiji Nishida enjoyed skateboarding. Winners in all fields of life enjoy what they do. You need to love that idea, that dream, that service, that sale, or whatever it is. Only then you can walk the mile to success.

Enjoying what you do brings out the best in you and this can best be achieved when you;

  • Believe in what you do.
  • Go all out for the value in what you do gives not for the money you will get.
  • Welcome feedback that will improve you

Winning is an outcome of the right mindset, early actions, disciplined repetitions, and practicable knowledge. NLP MARK Certification Workshop helps great people transform their Mindset into Actions and Grow their Careers and Businesses.

Are You Ready To Win?
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