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Enhance customer interactions and elevate performance through our NLP Contact Center Training Programs.

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Our comprehensive training equips agents with the skills to seamlessly engage customers, delivering impactful results through both inbound and outbound calling.


Emphasize a versatile approach with our programs also cover multichannel communication and email strategies, ensuring agents are adept at navigating diverse customer interactions.

Elevate your contact center’s capabilities with our training, designed to empower agents to excel in dynamic customer service environments.

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Contact Centre Training from NLP is the Most Highly Rated Training Programs in The Industry. Get your Call Centre Teams Certified Today By Our Experts!

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) tools and techniques are a must for your customer service and call centre teams. Furthermore, Contact Centre operates in a high-pressure environment. Your agents have to communicate with customers who call with high expectations to resolve their issues.

Every call is a chance for you to prove your commitment to serve better. Your people need to be active and efficient.

Above all, each call is the point for the agent to strengthen the relationship with the customer. If the agent loses, this chance customer may shift his business to your competitor.

In other words, we help create ground conditions for performance and help businesses become more successful than ever before. We proffer emotional intelligence to business acumen in middle managers and top leaders.

Firstly, we have access to world-class content developed by NLP International and Neuro Scientists.

Secondly, NLP Limited has a team of global business experts and management consultants. Moreover, our exposure to working in different parts of the world helps companies to unleash their potential in 45 countries. 

We influence minds and provide new insights into quality and creativity. Our unique approach to business helps the company meet excellence in their competitive business arena.


Agents need more than top-notch speaking skills; they need to be Linguistic. At NLP, we develop Linguistics. One who understands the emotions, connect and respond with a high sense of empathy and demonstrate urgency.

Contact Centre Training helps agents build effective habits of listening with empathy. Agents learn to understand customers from their perspectives. They gather the required information to convey quick and practical solutions.

Agents learn to engage customers giving them fantastic experiences through the journey of your product life cycle.

Once, our client gave us the feedback, “Something magnificent happens to agents after the NLP training. They get inspired to perform in such a way that Customer Satisfaction skyrockets and AHT gets in control. As a result, agents focus on first call resolution with high QA scores.”

NLP Sales Training is the best.


We train agents to understand business openings on calls. Agents learn to spot and up/cross-sell their products seamlessly. There is an upsurge in revenue generation from the contact centre. Companies realised that they missed this revenue before the training.

Throughout the training, participants receive intensive coaching and feedback. The combination of application, facilitator and peer feedback and self-assessment ensures participants experience the full benefits of a customer service training program.

The noteworthy part of our philosophy is participants are not blank slates. They are respected for what they bring to the training. We utilize a Socratic approach of questioning to earn commitment before we build models and teach learning points.

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We guarantee your sales and profits will multiply manifolds because in NLP Training your people will learn consumer psychology. You agents will learn how to influence customer positively.

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