Why do Customers Opt-out Of Your HMO?

You can retain your current enrollees with good services, and attract new enrollees.

Have you ever thought about why your customers opt out of your HMO?

Are you seeking ways of making each customer’s touchpoint a wonderful experience?

A great chef opens an exotic non-vegetarian restaurant in the heart of a buoyant city where 80% of its population are vegetarians but the chef does not advertise it as a non-vegetarian restaurant.  Vegetarian Customers who approach the restaurants leave disappointed at the first touchpoint.

Likewise in the HMO business, some Customers leave an HMO at either the first, second, or even third touchpoint as the case may be due to dis-service at a particular touchpoint.

Lucy, in her 3rd month of pregnancy, searched online for an HMO that would provide her with a plan to get safe pre- antenatal and delivery care.

She found one and called its customer service for more inquiries and she was advised accordingly. She attended to her pre- antenatal obligations without any issues, until few days before her delivery date.

On the D-day, in her labour state, Lucy confidently went to the hospital. On reaching there, she received the shock of her life as she was told that her plan did not cover delivery. Furious and disappointed she called the HMO customer service and expressed her disappointment. She had to pay from her pocket.

Now pause, can you figure out the pain point from Lucy’s experience?

How NLP Customer Service Training Courses Will Help Out?

Lucy’s situation is one out of a million situations some HMO customers experience in their journey to accessing efficient and reliable health care.

Most HMOs get stuck at the customer’s pain point and do not know how to move forward with that customer or amend the situation to avoid subsequent occurrence.

NLP Limited has trained Customer Service teams to consciously develop a mindset that aligns with their customer’s expectations. Learn to apply Customer Journey Mapping in your customer experience using neuro linguistic programming techniques.

Customer journey mapping is a graphic representation of your customer’s interactions with your brand irrespective of the channel used for communicating. Customer Journey mapping is a deliberate engagement plan put together to engage customers during their pre, present and post-care services.

With Customer service being proactive, the first step to customer journey mapping is creating a customer journey map which is a graphic representation of the customer journey which will aid tell the story of your customers’ encounters with your brand at all touchpoints.

By Practicing customer experience journey mapping, HMOs can see their businesses from the customer’s viewpoint and gain proper insights into common customer pain points to make necessary improvements.

Customer journey mapping can be applied after the customer has used the services of the service provider. This will enable the HMO to get the right feedback at all touchpoints giving them a blueprint to creating better and exceptional services in subsequent encounters with customers at various levels.

Applying great customer journey mapping comes with enormous benefits as it:

  • Pinpoints the gaps in the communication with the customer and the services rendered
  • Helps the organization receive value-added feedbacks from customers on services rendered
  • Fosters better employee and customer satisfaction
  • Measures the customer’s desired experience as compared to the actual service rendered to the customer.

Would you like your promised experience to meet your customer’s expectations?

Click on the link below or write to Rajiv@NLPlimited.com to book a meeting to see how NLP can help your organization deliver above your customer’s desired expectations.

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